November 17, 2011

Where I’m From

I am from Coffee Mugs and Diaper Pins,

From Lipton Tea,

And Cheerios.

I am from the Old Farmhouse on the Rise

Where Echoes of Noisy Children Are Heard Within and Without.

I am from Apple Trees, Dandelions, and River Rocks,

Climbing Trees, Lilacs, and Sticks

Wielded Like Swords by Play-Fighting Boys.

I’m from Advent Candles

And Storytelling.

From Listening to Uncles Play Guitar in the Hayloft,

And Exploring Trinkets on Grandma Connie's Dressing Table.

I’m from the Musically Talented

And Loving.

From Go to Sleep So Santa Will Come,

And Always Say Your Prayers.

I’m From Catholic Since Birth

Seeking Holiness in the Ordinary.

I’m from Ireland, Russia, Mexico,

From Enchiladas and Potato Soup.

From Folding Newsletters With Papa,

And Singing Old Mr. Garret With Mom.

From Framed Pictures On My Walls,

And My Parent’s Home In Bakersfield

Holding Photo Albums Lovingly Compiled Showing

Where I Am From.

My Mom and Papa with their eight children - including me!

 Thanks to Lisa at Are We There Yet? for sharing this cool template!


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed "visiting" with you all! :0) Goodness but your days sound familiar -- except that we're on a homeschooling hiatus (soon to end, just between you and me and the rest of the world reading this...) Thanks for the link and the visit at my "place" -- and don't you just love the template? Always comes out so personal -- and makes poems that linger in your mind after you've read them. (I love writing fill-in-the-blank poetry!) Looking forward to getting to know you better as the posts roll on!
~ Lisa

AnchorMama said...

Lisa, I love that you shared the poetry template. Not only was your poem beautiful, but it gave me a great resource for my kids! They will be writing their own poems later today.
By the way, we used to "know" each other when I kept another blog - Muddy Bathwater. I was called MuddyMama back then. I'm so glad to be back!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! I'm from there too!! :-)