February 3, 2018

At Least It's Not Consumption

Steven Hawking reportedly said, "Life would be tragic if it weren't so funny."
I couldn't agree more.

After they ruled out heart attack, the emergency room doc informed me I have pleurisy. I started to crack up, telling the doctor it sounded like some old-fashioned disease name, like dropsy or the grip.  The nurse and I giggled while putting on our best Southern belle accents, exclaiming, 
"I haz the pleurisy!" 

Well, I may have sounded a bit more like, "...cough, cough... I haz the... cough... pleurisy! cough..." But, you get the idea. 

(This is not the first time I've had that reaction. I must find medical names inherently funny. When my eye doctor told me I had uveitis, I laughingly told him he made that up.)

Now, days later, my doctor sent me back to the ER. Something about not liking that I almost keeled over in her clinic...
I'll admit, I was having a rough day.

My ER visit went something like this:

Me: I'm too weak to stand and my head's going to explode.

Doctor: We can't find anything wrong with you. Come back if you die.

Me: OK, sounds like a plan.

Truthfully, they tried, but a gazillion tests later, I had to forgive my husband for quietly stating, 
"I knew it," 

when they said the CT scan of my head found nothing. Thank you, Honey.

I was sent home to "plant your tush in one spot and don't move 'till you feel better."  

I'm following doctors orders. 
My plans for the day are: 
Lay on my left side, drink some green tea, lay on my right side, fluff my pillow, lay flat on my back and decide I don't like that position, roll back to my left side, flip through all the TV channels bemoaning the fact there is nothing good on, eat soup, chat with Joey, nap, repeat... As you can see my schedule is full.

I just wish I could've brought one of those rockin' nurses home with me. They kept me laughing (even though it made my headache worse) and too distracted to worry. One even complimented me on my "honking big veins."
How is that for a compliment? Seriously. Now, I'm going to get a big head. If anyone says something mean to me, I'll just go,
"Yeah, but I have honking big veins, so... what you said doesn't really bother me."

I'm really hoping rest is going to make a difference and I'll be back on my feet soon. If not, maybe they'll name a disease after me. It can't sound worse than pleurisy.

March 30, 2017

Parting Shot

Annie - "Mom! I can't believe that just came out of your mouth!"
Me, amused, as I walked away - "Imagine the things I leave unsaid."

It wasn't bad, I promise. Just ... unexpected. I'm still smiling.

March 6, 2017

Duck and Slide

This is what passes for entertainment around here.

We had just had an ice storm and I sent the boys out to feed the ducks, urging them to be extra careful... I may have to be more specific in the future.

(No animals or children were harmed in the filming of this video, just so you know.)

February 28, 2017

When Someone Else Says It Better

I could have written something for Lent, but then I found this, and... really... what's the point? All the bases are covered.

Plus, the Emperor's New Groove gifs are the icing on my Lenten cake.

Unless I give up cake.

I should totally give up cake, 'cause cake is for special occasions.That makes it special. Giving up something special instead of something so ordinary you have it every single morning... let's say... something like that boring ol' cuppa joe (Oh, look! I'm holding one now.) with juuuust the right amount of stevia and one little glug of... no, two little glugs of milk, and served at juuust the right temperature - not too hot to drink, but definitely not even close to luke-warm - you know, nothing special at all, just my everyday coffee... giving up something that's actually special will send me further along the path to greater holiness this Lent.

Yes. I'm giving up cake. I've made my decision. I'm now ready for Lent.

You will be too after you read this:

So click it.

See? Don't you feel inspired? You're welcome.

Now I'm off to make our Shrove Tuesday dessert. I'm thinking cake.

October 6, 2016

When Bethany Visits

This is my sister, Bethany. She and I are 12 years apart. She is an amazing wife, mother, sister, and friend. She is creative, energetic and talented.

And this is Blaise. He's the youngest of her three, and the first one I have met. He charmed me completely.

Bethany and Blaise came to visit in September and it was wonderful! I can't express the joy it brought me to look out my window and see this - my children playing in the yard with their aunt and cousin. 

It had been seven years or so since I had seen my sister. Waaay too long! It was so good to catch up. We joked and looked through old photo albums. We laughed as baby Blaise chased Joey through the house.

We did stuff. Ordinary stuff. We talked. We had dinner toether. We picked apples, fed the ducks and chickens, and hung laundry on the line. Tico played with the baby. We ran errands. And we took pictures... lots of pictures. Most of the pictures were taken by my sister. She has a knack for making the ordinary appear special.

Some of my favorite pictures were taken on the evening of my birthday. I knew the photo shoot was designed to keep me distracted while party preparations were made, but I didn't mind. Bethany took photos of me with some of my favorite people and it warms my heart to see them.

Annie came out long enough to tell me I wasn't allowed in the house.

Mary is my little sunshine girl.

Alex is far too amused that he's now taller than I am.

David is a dork. That's why I like him.

Joey hugs are the best.

All too quickly our visit was over. Bethany and Blaise are back home in Virginia, And we are here, not in Virginia... I miss them.

I think I'll just have to win the lottery and move all of my family out here. Yeah. That will work.

September 30, 2016

Celebrating Sasquatch

Our family loves to celebrate - often. We make a big deal over holidays, Church Feast days, anniversaries, Sundays, and sometimes a random day of the week (just because.) There are movie nights, complete with blankets, pillows, popcorn, and the whole family squished together on the couches. I love to pull out a colorful tablecloth and the "special" dishes to make an otherwise ordinary meal meaningful. It's not unusual to see white Christmas lights strung across the room regardless the time of year. Memories are made. Traditions formed. Seasons marked. It's what we do.

Birthdays are particularly festive around here. Parties usually involve a theme, homemade decorations, background music (or sound effects) and occasionally costumes. Everyone pitches in to prepare the surprise, and The Reveal (when we finally allow the birthday person into the room to see what we have done), is a delight to us all.

My sister and baby nephew were here for a visit in September, just in time to celebrate my 44th birthday. They joined my kiddos in preparing a party I would remember for years to come.

They threw me a Sasquatch Party. Awesomeness...

It was actually a Bigfoot-themed cafe called the Sassy Squatch  (referencing a fun episode of Psych) ...with an open mic night, thank you very much. 

They know me so well. You see, I have cultivated an appreciation for the ridiculous and I love those "Searching for Bigfoot" shows.  I don't care if he's real or not. (I'm totally lying.)  If it's on TV, I'm so there. Weird, right?

Ready for a Bigfoot hunt?

They had me laughing from the get-go.

Joey the baby Yeti

Alex and David, maybe?

Who needs cake when we have ice cream sundaes?

My sister, Bethany and her youngest, Blaise

After dinner I changed into jammies, and we gathered on the couches to enjoy the show. First Mary played harmonica, then Joey played the balloon. Okay, mostly he spat and giggled, but it was entertaining.

Then the gang put on a skit about a French tourist searching the Himalayas for theYeti.
Annie as the French Tourist
Mary as the Hick Guitar Player
Brendan as Bigfoot Head
Alex as Bigfoot's Right Arm
David as Bigfoot's Left Arm

Bethany sang a song she wrote just for the occasion. Best. Birthday. Song. Ever.

We played a game called "Real or Not Real" and Bigfoot tried to steal my presents. 

Bigfoot pose or Thriller dance? You decide.

The obligatory "feet" picture.

All in all, this birthday ranks up there as one of my very favorites. Thank you, my wonderful, crazy family!