Drop Anchor

"Someday we'll tie an anchor to our bumper and drive 'til we come to a place where no one knows what an anchor is. That's where we'll make our home."

My husband used say those words to me each time we would pack up our family and set out for parts unknown. For more than twenty years the ocean has called my husband to work, requiring him to move to a different shore every few years and of course we would always follow. How difficult it was to uproot ourselves time and again, leaving behind dear friends and places that had become familiar. It was hard. It was exciting. It was an adventure we would love and hate at the same time. As years passed I looked more and more to the day we could stop traveling, drop that anchor and stay for good.

It is happening so suddenly. Through a series of unexpected events God has brought us here to this place, far from the ocean's shore. "What have we gotten ourselves into?", I keep asking myself, shaking my head in surprise. Oh yeah. This is where trust comes into play. After years of playing it safe we are taking a leap of faith. So, this is us- placing our hands in God's, closing our eyes, and jumping. This is us dropping that anchor.

Cold Anchor is a small farm with five little acres. The anchor part I have already explained. The cold? This holds two meanings for us: First and most obvious, winters here are very long and very, very cold.

Secondly, (see if you can follow me on this one) a cold anchor is found in cold water. Cold water is deep water. Jesus challenges us to "Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." (Luke 5:4) When He said this to Simon Peter, Peter had already been fishing all night and caught nothing. He did as Jesus asked anyway and almost instantly found his nets full to bursting. Peter trusted. Peter made a leap of faith, and God provided abundantly.

So, there you are, and here we are. Cold Anchor Farm. Home.