Why AnchorMama?

It might be a strange blog name, but years ago a friend of my husband joked that I was less my husband's ball-and-chain, and more his anchor. Joke or not, it was a lovely thought, and it stuck.
My husband's anchor, my children's mama.

I'm a devoted Catholic,
a homeschooling mama of eight (two in heaven),
married to my high school sweetheart for 25 years,
still madly in LOVE,
completely captivated by babies,
addicted to coffee, and bubble baths,
mystified by punctuation rules,
and... so far from perfect I can't even see it from here.

We live in a land of long winters and short summers,
in a 130 year old farmhouse that I love.

God is good!

Me.  A long, long time ago...