December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Anyway

It's not as if I spent no time WHAT-SO-EVER pondering the holy mystery of the Incarnation of Christ. I did, in fact, have some beautiful reflections on this sacred feast of the Birth of Our Lord. I even considered sharing a couple of them. But, you see, I live in a zoo. Amidst the incense and greenery, the beautiful hymns and candle-lit Nativity scenes, dwells my nutty little family.

Tonight around the dining room table, smack in the middle of our Second-Day-of-Christmas/Feast of St. Stephen dinner, there occurred a moment that will be recounted in our family circle for years to come.

I happened to mention to my husband, just in passing, mind you, that the Harlem Globetrotters would be visiting a nearby city, and I wondered aloud if the kids would enjoy their show. When one of the boys asked who the Globetrotters were, another child spoke up to remind him of an old 70's cartoon they had watched which featured the entertaining basketball team.

"Of course we wouldn't get to see the same players shown in the cartoon," their Daddy interjected. "I'm not sure any of them are still alive."

"You mean the Globetrotters are dead?" David wanted to know. He sounded upset.

Matt thought for a moment. "I know at least one of them has died. I'm not sure, but in any case they have new players now."

"Yeah," Brendan chimed in. "That cartoon was kind of old - like The Three Stooges."

"The Three Stooges are dead!?!" Alex asked, distressed. He and David looked to be on the verge of tears. What was going on in their little heads?

"Honey, it's a really old show..." I tried to reason with him. David pulled his shirt over his eyes. I looked at my husband. "Oh my goodness. Do something."

Brendan decided to try again. "Guys, you know those shows were made a long time ago. Just because they're still on TV doesn't mean the people are still around. Remember when I told you about the man who did the voice of Bugs Bunny?"

"BUGS BUNNY'S DEAD!?!" Mary wailed, bursting into tears.

That was it. I lost it. I couldn't help it. The harder I tried not to laugh the worse it got. I put my hands over my mouth while tears streamed down my cheeks. Mary thought I was crying about poor Bugs Bunny and cried even harder. I put my head down on the table, my shoulders shaking as Matt did his best to comfort the children in mourning. Oh, yeah. I've got that Mother of the Year award nailed.

Excuse me, can I have a do-over?

It's a good thing we have twelve full days to celebrate Christmas. That gives me ten more chances to refocus our family on Jesus' birthday and all that that means.

Until then: Merry Christmas, Bugs Bunny. May you rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Being that it's the day after Christmas I expected something about opening gifts, holiday baking or maybe some beautiful Christmas reflection concerning children at Christmas time, but what I got was the Harlem Globetrotters, the Three Stooges, a dead Bugs Bunny and a good laugh. Oh my goodness, laughed till I cried! I could so picture how this happened. Your children obviously get really connected to the characters they see on t.v. or movies. Thanks for putting the merry in Christmas for me this morning!

Christine said...

So endearing and funny at the same time.

Lisa said...

AHAHAHAHA!! We have so got to get together. (gglgglggl) This is totally something that would happen at our house, and totally how I would react!