December 13, 2011

Exit, Stage Right

Surprised, I watched an expression of utter dismay cross Alex's face.

"But, Mom, I'm supposed to be the good guy!"

The twins and I were reading their assigned parts in a play they would perform in a few short months. They had just discovered the plot would reveal their good guy characters were actually the "bad guys".

David and Alex exchanged shocked glances. This couldn't be true! Boyish hearts long to be heroes - not villains. Hadn't they always dreamed of being the rescuer who arrived in time to save the day? Didn't they hope to be the cop, the firefighter, the noble knight who braves dragon fire in order to save the villagers? They had been betrayed.

I tried to console them.

"Someone has to be the bad guy in the story. Perhaps, you two will find playing these characters is kind of fun. Maybe they are the goofy, bumbling, silly kind of bad guys."

"Oh, sure," David retorted. "If the director wants us to be funny, maybe we can do something. But, what if she wants us to be serious? I just don't think we know how to be serious bad guys..."

His voice drifted off as he and Alex left the room muttering to each other and shaking their heads.

I envisioned the lights dimming and the curtains drawing closed behind them. I can't wait to see how the next scene plays out. I'll be on the edge of my seat.

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