December 23, 2011

Reading Between The Lines

I tried to reason with him. I tried explaining things to him using small words and lots of hand gestures, but, oddly, he didn't seem to understand.

"Joey," I said. "Mommy has so many things to do right now. I would like nothing better than to hold you in my arms all day long, but I simply can't. We have guests coming. Rooms need to be cleaned, food prepared, gifts wrapped. Don't you think you can be content playing with your toys for a little while so I can get some work done?"

As I looked into his little eyes staring up at me I could see understanding and compassion for his weary mama dawn on his face.

"Why yes, Mother," I could almost hear him say. "I could sit and play quietly, leaving you to your Christmas preparations, but you see, I'm teething. I simply cannot be out of your arms at all today. I do so truly appreciate the sacrifice you are making, forgoing all else you need to accomplish. The fact that you are here, nursing me, instead of cooking and cleaning makes me love you even more."

Okay, so he was nursing with a big scowl on his brow, whacking my face with his hands, and making grumpy noises at me, but sometimes a mother has to read between the lines. I knew what he meant. It will give me comfort when my guests arrive and discover we are eating Christmas dinner out on the front porch, 'cause the dining room is still a mess.

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Anonymous said...

Marcena, I love this post! As always! I think you know exactly what babies are thinking and you present it in eloquent terms! I have had very similar thoughts in that exact situation and I know that is exactly what I and the baby were thinking! I wonder how many Christmases in my life I have had a nursing or teething baby...I'll let you know when I can find the calculator.