February 17, 2012

Only Mostly Dead

First the "check engine" light came on. So, I checked. Yes, the engine was still there. A moment later a "hold" light lit up on the dash.

"Wow, Little Car! I didn't even know you had a light for that!"

The hold light began to flash - "hold, Hold, HOLD!"

Demanding little thing. I guess the car really meant it. I tried to sympathize.

"I know how you feel. Sometimes I need to be held, too."

My kind words were ignored. Little Car's demands became increasingly dramatic. Such a drama queen! She shuddered and slowed. My sympathies dissipated as she continued her display of ill temper. And that's when it happened. Everything stopped. Through the shock, a realization dawned upon me that Little Car was... dead.

Oh no. What do I do? Were Last Rites out of the question?

Matt came to take a look. He lifted the hood and asked me to turn the key. Little Car made a noise. A glimmer of hope! She wasn't dead dead. She was more what Miracle Max would call "mostly dead". That was good, 'cause mostly dead was slightly alive. There was still hope. If she had been all dead the best we could do is go through her seat cushions looking for loose change.

If only Miracle Max lived nearby. Oh, well. We have the next best thing. It's called Mechanic Steve. And Steves can be just as effective, with the added benefit of being less obnoxious.


Anonymous said...

I love this. You knew I would. I'm sorry you're having car problems but at least it's only mostly dead. Do you have all those video clips in your head? My word...!


AnchorMama said...

Video clips in my head? Sadly, yes, yes I do.

It's kind of like when you say, "Good idea" with that silly grin, or when Papa says, "Use your charm."

Christine said...

I love how creative you are, and how you added humor to a surely frustrating thing.