February 14, 2012

Til Death Do Us Part

How will Matt and I celebrate this romantic day? Flowers? Chocolates? Sweet sentimental cards? Nah. All that stuff is so cliché. So what will we do?

Well... Matt says we can watch Walking Dead tonight. 
He's so romantic!

"Oh, can we?" *trying REALLY HARD to not roll my eyes*

Just so you know, I said yes. You see, there's nothing like zombies to show a woman how much you love her. (He once told me that if I ever turned into a flesh-eating zombie, he'd double tap me. Now that's love.)

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Honey!


Therese said...

Ha ha. I bet our husbands would get on well together.

Steve and I celebrated by sharing a box of chocolates I bought for him.

Lisa said...

Hahaha! (Now, you know I have to steal this zombie picture from you and give it to my zombie-obsessed 6-year-old in his lunch tomorrow...)