November 19, 2011

Knock, Knock

Did you hear that sound?

Knock, knock.

There it goes again! Is someone knocking on a door? Yes! How exciting!

We finally have a bathroom door on our second floor bathroom! An actual, solid, can't-see-through-it door! Oh joy! Oh rapture!

When we bought our beloved old farm house this summer we knew it had a long list of unfinished projects that came with it. Ever optimistic, I was certain we would complete the top ten items within days of moving in. Hmm... Yeah... About that...

A bathroom door was pretty high on the list. Not that I am used to complete privacy in the powder room. I gave up on that idea long ago. Privacy is a foreign concept to my youngest. Even my older children, who want privacy for themselves by the way, seem baffled by the thought that mom might not want company in the bathroom.

"You want to be alone? How come?"

It is not uncommon for someone to barge in while I am soaking in the hot water and attempt a conversation through the shower curtain. My response:

"Are you bleeding? No? Is the house on fire? No? You just want to chat? Um... No. Go away." (sigh)

That was back when we lived in a house that had a bathroom door. Imagine how much privacy one gets when there is only a piece of fabric tacked up over the doorway. Well, not anymore!

Matt and David wrestled the new door up the stairs. "I'll put it up this weekend" Matt said, leaning the door against the wall in the hallway. "Wouldn't you rather put it up tonight?" I asked. Apparently I asked in that "I sound like I'm requesting, but I'm really insisting" tone, because Matt gave me that look and immediately began grumbling. It sounded something like "grumble, grumble...find my tools.... mumble, mumble... drag them all the way up here... grumble, mumble... shims, level, saw..."

An hour later even Matt had to smile. There before us, in what was once a big old gap in the wall, was a beautiful new door. It closed. It opened. It had a lock!

Now I'm off to check this project off the list... then close the bathroom door and take a nice  hot bath all - by - myself.

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Lisa said...

What is that about old farmhouses and missing doors? At our old farmstead (Moved away from it a couple years ago now), none of the upstairs bedrooms had doors anymore. Had hinges, mind you, but no doors. And they were cut at odd angles into the slant of the roof, so to replace them when really expensive. But, thank goodness... the bathroom did have a door! YAY, HURRAY for your bathroom door! It's those small things in life that can be really BIG things, huh?