November 12, 2011

There's Always Tomorrow

I had a plan. I had a list. Everything was going to go smoothly and I was going to get so much done. There is after all that moment, first thing in the morning, when the whole day stretches out before you like an empty notebook just waiting to be filled.

I had my cup of coffee in my hand and the sun was beginning to peek over the distant trees. Everything was possible. All the children's school work would be completed before lunch. Every box still stacked against the walls would be unpacked. Every stitch of clothing in the laundry would be washed, folded, and put away. The shopping would be done. The garage would be cleaned out. That Christmas program I was supposed to put together for church would be finished, never mind that I hadn't even started it yet. Where there was daylight, there was hope!

Plus, Matt was home. It would be just like that daydream where I cloned myself and got twice as much done. Just because it had never once happened that way in the 20 years I had been married to the man was no reason to doubt it now. Today would be awesome!

First I'd just check my email...

Enough of that. Time to make breakfast.

Wait. Why is there a yellow puddle on the kitchen floor? Ugh. "Where is the dog?" Well, I'll just clean that up right quick.

What a treat to have daddy with us at the breakfast table on a weekday! We should have something special. It will only take a few extra minutes. Okay, breakfast is done. What's next?

Time for everyone to get dressed. "What do you mean you have no clean shirts? What about the clothes I sent to your room yesterday?" ...sigh... "Check the dryer. No? Check your bedroom floor."

Spelling tests. Check. Math lessons. Check. Fussy baby? Check. It's a good thing he's so darn cute!

Shopping list completed. "Shall we go after lunch? What? A doctor appointment? Oh dear! I had forgotten!"

Doctor's appointment first, shopping after.

Shopping takes longer than usual. Baby Joey is now in a happy mood and smiles at everyone in the store. Everyone in turn stops to smile back and say hello to Joey. The store is crowded. That's a whole lot of folks to stop and say hello.

Before we leave town we make an oh-so-quick stop at the second-hand store. They may have snow boots for sale. "Don't worry. We'll be fast as can be. I'm only looking for snow boots!"

Now leaving the second-hand store with a bag full of children's books. "Snow boots? Oh yeah. I almost forgot. We'll try one more store..."

Everyone is now tucked into bed and I'll soon slide beneath the covers,too. What of my grand plans? What of my list? Well, there's always tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. I'll grab that list and and get to work. I'll start at the top and check everything off as I go. I know I can do it. I'll have all day. I just know tomorrow's gonna be awesome!

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