November 25, 2011

Sneaky Holiday

Okay, I wasn't completely caught off guard. I knew it was coming. I had even purchased turkey. I had put some thought into it. Apples were in the bowl, potatoes were in the drawer, and cranberries waited in the fridge. I made sure of it. And yet, somehow, I kept thinking Thanksgiving was further away. It just sort of sneaked up on me, what with the Whooping Cough and all...

The last few days my house has been filled with words like Pertussis, quarantine, and  "Quick, wipe the baby's face before he gets snot on everything!"

That reminds me. I have a question for you. Why do babies take it as a personal insult whenever someone even thinks of wiping their noses?  Really. Any time I approach Joey with a tissue in my hand he looks at me like he has just met his arch-nemesis. "So, Mama, we met again. What weapon do you bring against me this time? Another tissue? Hah! You think you can wipe my nose? You and what army?" He's very determined.

He is also very generous. Joey was not content to keep the cough to himself. He happily shared with two of his siblings.  This made nighttime in our household downright musical. In the wee hours, as I rocked my snuffly baby boy in the living room, a symphony of coughing could be heard coming from the bedrooms upstairs. There is real talent there. I'm thinking of taking them on tour.

So much to be thankful for - doctors and medicine (even the yucky tasting kind), our new home, my husband's job, having my children all under my roof... GOD IS SO GOOD!
This Thanksgiving was our first big holiday here at Cold Anchor Farm. I can't wait for Christmas! Hopefully we won't have the plague.


Grandma Neta said...

Marcena, The things you share about raising your family remind me of my years of going through the same things when I was raising my 7....You just have a terrific knack of expressing them in words. Sometimes you really make me laugh. Love you---Grandma Neta

AnchorMama said...

I love you, too, Grandma!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. the pie looks so good I can almost cut a piece from the computer screen. Hope you had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Your cousin from NYS,
Nickie Neil

Therese said...

Hey AnchorMama. It is so great to see you back in bloggy land. So glad you left a comment at my blog. I have wanted a baby Joseph right from our first child and finally convinced hobby with number 8. Your Joey looks gorgeous. Looking forward to reading more about what is happening in your life.

Christine said...

Muddy...I mean AnchorMama! I'm so glad you're blogging again. I've missed it so much, and have enjoyed reading your posts. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself! I feel like it's catching up over coffee, even if we never meet. Joseph is beautiful! Congratulations! And I hope everyone feels better soon!