January 10, 2012

So Very Six

I love six-year-olds. And of all the six-year-olds I have had, Mary is the most six-ish.

Hey Mom, did you know I can play really bad sounding music on the piano? Wanna hear?

I love to eat sushi! I just don't like the way it tastes.

Achoo! Oh darn! (said with great exasperation) Now there's snot all over it. I'll have to start over.

I like to talk about cute, fuzzy animals, 'cause they're not just cute - they're cute and fuzzy.

Want to see a dance I can do? When I was born I didn't know how to dance.  I still don't know how to.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too, Mary, more than you could know.


Anonymous said...

Oh, such a sweet post! I just love my little May-May! You forgot, "I wonder how the English do it?" while trying to get bubble gum out of her hair. She's so funny! Love the pictures too! I agree with Bethany, I love the quote about dancing. Thanks for the sentiments and the sweet pics! Love, Mom and Mary's Grandma

AnchorMama said...

I had forgotten her bubble gum question! Thanks for remembering, mom.

Therese said...

Oh she is a sweet girl. Christopher is turning 7 in February and I will miss having a 6 year old. I really love 6 year olds too.

Christine said...

She reminds me of Junie B. Jones, in a good way, in these pictures and your descriptions.

Lisa said...

So sweet and beautiful ~ and funny! :0) I'm with you: five-six is hands-down my favorite age range. So much original, amazing stuff going on in those dear little heads! I'm getting my very last six year old growing up before my eyes now. Makes me sad. Bless little Mary.

Anonymous said...

Just read this again. Can't get enough of these pictures. Such a sweet little face. I love that she doesn't know how to dance and yet she's dancing. A favorite memory of mine is from when I was around six yrs old and I was doing an improv ballet dance for my parents on the living room rug. I can so clearly remember my mom saying, "Wow that's like a real ballet dance!" God bless my mom!