January 3, 2012

Game On

Last night several of us felt well enough for a game of Uno. That's really saying something. Games in this house are rarely sedate events. After several days of laying around there was an abundance of silliness that simply had to get out.

What's the Spanish word for uno?
Oh. That works?
(more laughter)

Cool! You dealt me a bunch of power-ups!
Dude, power-ups are for video games. These are cards!

Remind me to play poker with you later.
(on seeing Annie's face light up when she looked at her cards)

I think he's cheating!
No I'm not! Who cheats at Uno?!?
(a chorus of voices) I do!

For your viewing pleasure - a few seconds of game night in our house:


Anonymous said...

We played games on New Year's Eve. We laughed a lot too. Let's push our houses together and play these games together. I loved the few seconds on the video. I want more seconds! Did you see the video Tim posted yesterday?

Christine said...

Thanks for the glimpse in...it sounds delightful!

AnchorMama said...

Thanks, Christine!

Mom, the clip would have been longer, but one of those boys started singing a song about farts... Too much silliness! Of course, having raised five boys yourself, you would have no idea what that's like. Right?

Therese said...

haha. We played spoons today here. There was a lot of giggling happening here too.